Saturday, July 3, 2010

A trip to France

Lighthouse on the tip of Île de Ré, an island just north of La Rochelle

Midsummer is perhaps the most important holiday of the year for Swedes and Finns, with a history going back to pre-Christian fertility rites. However, the OECD has no respect for such niceties, so as usual, instead of taking part in these festivites, Lennart spent Midsummer eve in a conference room in Paris. Meanwhile, Ritva explored the city, and on Friday evening we hopped on a TGV train to Nantes. TGV stand for "Tres Grand Vitesse" or "very high speed" and the French mean it, these trains regularly run at 150 MPH or more..

After spending a night in Nantes, we continued by rented car to La Rochelle, a port city on the Atlantic coast, just south of Brittany.

As usual, you can see a lot more photos on my Flickr album,

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