This blog is about the history of the Elg family, originating in Säfsnäs county, Sweden (note that there are several unrelated Elg families from Sweden). It is a complement to the family history website at http://web.telia.com/~u85435856/ . I intend to move - and update - the content of the website to this blog, as the blog is easier for me to maintain.

You can navigate this blog in two ways: Either use the index at the top of the page to find posts on a specific topic, or use the Blog Archive list on the right to find recent posts.

Our oldest roots go back to a group of Finnish farmers, who settled in remote forests of central Sweden around 1620. A century later ironmaking became an important industry in this area, and the Elg family name was carried by several generations of blacksmiths toiling i smelters and mills. As the old mills lost out to competition from new technology, a number of Elgs chose to emigrate to America. This website was written for their descendants, to understand your Swedish roots, and for Swedish readers to get a sense of our deep connections to the American people: In total, around 1,2 million Swedes emigrated - a quarter of our entire population.

/ Lennart Elg

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